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The Village of Carpentersville maintains a wide array of parks and open space amenities. Currently, the Village is in the process of making major improvements to nearly every park. The mission is to increase the attractiveness and diversity of the amenities in the parks system. From intensive sporting options, scenic riverfront walkways, and memorial structures, the parks system appeals to a wide range of residents and visitors.

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Village of Carpentersville Parks Master Plan

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Carpenter ParkCarpenter Park

Carpenter Park remains a historic centerpiece of the community. The park is surrounded by historically preserved pillars, home to the Veterans Garden, and a frequent venue for large-scale community events. The Village has images of Carpenter Park that date back to the late 1800’s – around the same time that the Village was first settled.

Located in the geographical center of the Village of Carpentersville, Carpenter Park hosts nearly twenty acres of open space and recreational activities. Carpenter Park was the first park established when the Village was incorporated in 1850’s. Community festivals, pick-up sporting events, and ceremonies are often held in Carpenter Park due to its size and location.

Directions to Carpenter Park

Civil War Reenactment at Carpenter Park - 2017

Upcoming Changes to Park

Village of Carpentersville Awarded $400,000 OSLAD Grant To Help Fund Carpenter Park Improvements.

View upcoming changes to be made to Carpenter Park

Past Event Pictures

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Event Date Pictures  Video
Community Yard Sale June 11, 2016 Pictures  
Arbor Day 2016 April 29, 2016 Pictures

Poster Contest Winners
Arbor Day 2015  April 24, 2015 Pictures

Poster Contest Winners
Community Yard Sale  August 2, 2014 Pictures  
Arbor Day 2014  April 25, 2014 Poster Contest Winners  

John "Jack" Hill Memorial Park

John “Jack” Hill Memorial Park is located on the west riverbank of the Fox River on Lincoln Avenue. The park was memorialized to commemorate the late John “Jack” Hill, a former member of the Illinois House of Representatives. Residents and visitors typically visit the park to fish in the Fox River, picnic on the tables, or reflect on the waterfront benches.

Directions to John "Jack" Hill Memorial Park

Keith Andres Memorial Park

Keith Andres Park is a woodland area located near Dundee Crown High School on the Village’s east side. Recently, the park was upgraded with a bike trail and skills area. The park memorialized the late Keith Andres, a Carpentersville resident that was one of the first United States casualties in the Vietnam War.

Directions to Keith Andres Memorial Park

Timothy R. McNamee Memorial Park

Timothy R. McNamee Memorial Park is a riverfront park located on Washington Street on the east side of Carpentersville. Residents and visitors come here to enjoy access to the walk-up canoe launch, shaded gazebo, fishing platforms, or various waterfront benches. The park is named in remembrance of Timothy R. McNamee, a prominent local attorney who was deceased in 1987.

Directions to McNamee Memorial Park

Triangle Park

Triangle Park is located at the intersection of West Main Street and South Washington Street. The park remains an open space area adjacent to the busy business district of Old Town. Resident and visitors typically use this park as open space to relax or utilize the picnic tables when the weather is clear.

Directions to Triangle Park


Park Events Calendar

Below is a calendar that displays registered, upcoming events in the park. By clicking on an event, you will be able to view more details. Interested in hosting a community event or a private function?

Carpenter Park Reservation Information


Latest Park News & Updates

Village of Carpentersville Awarded $400,000 OSLAD Grant To Help Fund Carpenter Park Improvements.  View upcoming improvements to Carpenter Park

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