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Village of Carpentersville New Resident Information

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Village Hall – Main Number: 847-426-3439
1200 L. W. Besinger Drive
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

Village Directory

Village of Carpentersville Government

The Village of Carpentersville is operated under a managerial form of government. The Village President and the Board of Trustees appoint the Village Manager who is responsible for the administration of the various departments.

Boards and Commissions

Public Meeting Schedules

Village President and Board of Trustees

The Village of Carpentersville Water and Sewer

The Village of Carpentersville provides water and sanitary sewer service. Water is provided from a number of wells in the area. Water meters are read and billed bi-monthly. A deposit is required of all customers, which is applied toward the final bill when they move out of the Village. Any amount left over is refunded.

Owners: The deposit for service is $40.00 plus a $10.00 service charge.
Renters: The deposit for service is $100.00 plus a $10.00 service charge.
Water Rates: The water rate is $4.43 per 1,000 gallons.
Sewer Rates: The sewer rate is $4.60 per 1,000 gallons.

This brings the total for water and sewer charges to $9.03 per 1,000 gallons.

Senior Discount: Residents over 65 receiving Social Security retirement benefits or any resident on full Social Security or Veterans Disability will be charged a flat quarterly rate of $4.70 for the first 4,000 gallons of water, but will be charged the normal sewer use rate. Water usage above 4,000 gallons will be charged at the regular rate.

Availability Charge: In addition to the above user charges, customers also pay a quarterly availability charge of $4.88 for water and $4.88 for sewer.

The Village of Carpentersville Building Permits

In The Village of Carpentersville, a building permit is required for all construction, such as room additions, basements, hot water heaters, fences, driveways, garages, sheds, siding, re-roofing, re-shingling, and any swimming pool more than 24-inches in depth. Any questions, please contact one of our Inspectors.

Sewer Back Up

Should you experience a sewer back up, contact the Village Hall at 426-3439. After 5:00 pm and on weekends, call 911. If the Public Works Department finds that the main lines are clear, you will be advised to call a plumber. Please note that you are responsible for maintenance of the sewer lines from the house to the Village’s main sewer line.

Village of Carpentersville Ordinances To Be Aware Of

Alarm Restrictions: The Village has enacted an alarm ordinance to cut down on the number of false alarms that take the Police and Fire Departments away from other necessary duties. When an alarm system is installed, or ownership of an existing alarm system is passed onto the new homeowner, the homeowner shall obtain an alarm permit from the Police Department. The permit cost is $20.00. You are allowed three (3) false alarms per calendar year; the fourth and fifth false alarm carry a $50.00 fine; the sixth alarm, and any other subsequent alarm, carry a $100.00 fine.

Discharging Weapons: It is unlawful to discharge any firearm, air rifle, B-B gun or pellet gun within the Village limits. It is also unlawful to discharge from a bow and arrow capable of inflicting injury to persons or damage to property within the Village limits.

Display of Street Numbers: Each structure that has been assigned a street number is required to display said number in a position easily observed and readable from the public right-of-way. All numbers shall be in Arabic numerals or alphabet letters at least 4-inches high with a minimum stroke width of 1/ 2- inch.

Garage Sales: Two garage sales are permitted per household each year. All signs advertising the sale must be placed on private property.

Inoperable Motor Vehicles: All inoperable motor vehicles located anywhere in the Village whether on public or private property, constitutes a nuisance and must be removed.

No Solicitors: The Village does have an ordinance governing solicitors. "No Solicitors Invited” stickers are available at the Village Hall.

Number of Dogs Permitted per Residence: No person shall permit more than two (2) dogs over the age of three months to be or remain in or about any single family residence or more than one dog in any single family dwelling unit in any multiple family residential buildings. Town homes are considered multiple housing buildings.

Open Burning: It is unlawful to build, light or ignite any bonfire, to burn any leaves, brush, refuse, waste, paper, trash or any other article or commodity which the owner or possessor thereof desires to destroy or dispose of, at anytime, anywhere in the Village.

Overnight Parking Ban: It is unlawful to park on any street for more than thirty (30) minutes between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am on any day.

Snowfall Parking Ban: It is unlawful to park on any street during or following a snowfall after an accumulation of one inch or more of snow, until the street has been plowed and cleared of snow.

Local Newspapers

Daily Courier News, Elgin 847-888-7800
Daily Herald, Arlington Heights 847-427-4333
Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake 800-589-9363


District # 300 - 300 Cleveland Avenue, Carpentersville 847-426-1300
District #220 - 310 East James Street, Barrington 847-381-6300

Selective Service

You may register for the draft within five (5) days of your 18th birthday at the U.S. Post Office located in the Meadowdale Shopping Center.


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