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Department / Service Phone Fax
Police and Fire Emergency 911  
General Questions 847-426-3439 Press "0" for Assistance  
Administration 224-293-1660 847-426-0809
Information Technology 224-293-1602  
Village Clerk 224-293-1627 847-428-8793
Human Resources 224-293-1628 847-426-4251
Economic Dev / Special Projects 224-293-1648 847-426-0809
Police Non-Emergency 847-551-3481 847-426-0018
Fire Non-Emergency 847-426-2131 847-426-3853
Finance Department 847-551-3476 847-551-9278
Water Billing or Service Questions 847-551-3476 847-551-9278
Community Development* 847-551-3478 847-426-0864
Engineering Department 847-551-3478 847-426-4426
Public Works 847-836-2464 847-426-9125
Street Division 847-551-3495 847-551-9240
Underground Division 847-551-3493 847-551-1230
Wastewater Division 847-551-3490 847-426-8042
Water Division** 847-551-3492 847-426-5395

* Contact for information regarding building permits and inspections, code enforcement or planning/zoning.
**Contact for potable water related emergencies.

Department Contact
Administration Eric Johnson
Information Technology Kevin Roberts
Village Clerk Kelly Mastera
Human Resources Carrie Cichon
Economic Dev / Special Projects Marc Huber
Police Non-Emergency Michael Kilbourne
Fire Non-Emergency John-Paul Schilling
Finance Tanya Walker
Water Billing or Service Tanya Walker
Community Development Marc Huber
Code Enforcement Craig Martin
Planning & Zoning John Svalenka
Engineering Department Ed Szydlowski
Public Works Bob Cole
Street Division Jack Clifton
Underground Division Craig Jensen
Wastewater Division Joe Egler
Water Division Dean Gorter

Email messages with suspect or unidentifiable return addresses or subject matter may be blocked from delivery. If you do not receive a response within two days, please phone the department to voice your questions or concerns.

See individual departments for additional contact information.

Anonymous Tip Lines

Crimes 847-551-3488
Code Violations 847-426-9600

Pothole Hotline to report locations 847-551-3495
Street Light Outage 847-836-2464


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