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Community Development

Economic Development




Human Resources



Public Works

All forms, applications and permits on this page are available to view in PDF format.



Block Party Application

Class A Special Event Permit Application

Class B Special Event Permit Application

Meeting Room Application

Organization Chart

Village Newsletters


Business Registration Form

Categories of Records Retained by the Village

Freedom of Information Act Policy

Freedom of Information Request Form

Municipal Code

Recently Passed Ordinances/Resolutions

Solicitors Permit Application

Community Development

Comprehensive Plan

Development Process (print double-sided on 11"x17" paper)

Development Standards and Design Guidelines (12 MB)

Longmeadow Parkway Corridor Study (39 MB)

Municipal Code

Class A Special Event Permit Application

Class B Special Event Permit Application

Snow Removal Tips To Keep In Mind When The Snow Falls

Special Event Regulations

Carpentersville 2015 Zoning Map


For specific work that does or does not require a permit, click here.  * = One Day Permit Packet

Building Permit (General)

Air Conditioning Replacement

Certificate of Occupancy Application for Non-Residential Uses

Driveway Replacement or Widening

Dumpster Enclosure

Electrical Service Upgrade*

Electrical Work

Exterior Sanitary Sewer Repair or Replacement

Fence Application

Furnace Installation/Replacement*

Mechanical Work

One Day Permit Review

Patios, Walkways, and Stoops*

Plumbing and Sewer Work

Roof Permit Application

Shed Construction*

Siding Permit Application

Sign - Temporary or Permanent

Swimming Pools - Inflatable and Storable*

Swimming Pools - Permanent Above-Ground*

Tree Removal

Water Heater Replacement

Window Replacement

Wood Deck, Gazebo, or Pergola*

Residential Rental Licensing Program

Crime Free Housing Seminar Dates

Crime Free Housing Seminar Registration

Crime Free Lease Addendum

Residential Rental Property Information

Residential Rental Property Application

Residential Rental Property Checklist

Consent to Inspect Form

Inspection Checklist

Zoning/Subdivision Forms

Annexation Application

Notice Of Appeal

Concept Plan Approval Application

Concept Plan Checklist

Final Plat Approval Application

Final Plat Checklist

Preliminary Plan Approval Application

Preliminary Plan Checklist

Planned Unit Development Application

Rezoning/Map Amendment Application

Special Use Permit Application

Variance Application

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Application

Economic Development

Area Business Listing

Business Registration Form


Engineering Standards

IEPA Notice of Intent

IEPA Notice of Termination


Auto Pay Application for Water/Sewer Bills

Local Motor Fuel Tax Quarterly Return

Veterans Garden Brick Order Form

Water Application


Burglar/Fire Alarm Application

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Those with Functional Needs

Illinois Premise Alert Program Details

Illinois Premise Alert Program Form

Human Resources

Employment Application


Burglar/Fire Alarm Application

Citation Dispute Form

Citation Dispute Form - Spanish

Commendation and Complaint Pamphlet

Juvenile Expungement Packet

Overweight/Size Permit Instructions - Truck

Overweight/Size Vehicle Permit Application

Solicitation List

Solicitation Instructions

Public Works

Carpenter Park Reservation Request

Snow Removal Tips To Keep In Mind When The Snow Falls

Water Quality Reports

Water Rate Study Report


Refuse Collection Guidelines

Refuse Collection Schedule/Map


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