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Vehicle Boot Program


The Carpentersville Vehicle Immobilization Program

Black BootThe Carpentersville Village Board, faced with a growing number of unpaid parking and vehicle sticker citations, has adopted new ordinances expanding the enforcement and collection powers of the Village for chronic violators.

The Village of Carpentersville is notifying chronic violators that we will be applying an immobilization device, commonly known as the “Denver Boot,” to vehicles owned by persons with five (5) or more unpaid parking or vehicle sticker citations. Owners who have their vehicles booted will have to pay all outstanding fines and penalties, including a $250.00 immobilization fee, or post a bond in the equivalent amount, to have their vehicle released. Owners who fail to pay the required amount will have their vehicles towed and impounded. Vehicle owners who accumulate ten (10) or more unpaid tickets are also eligible to have their Illinois Driver’s License suspended for failure to pay the tickets. Those vehicle owners who fail to appear at Administrative Adjudication hearings will also find that there are additional fines and penalties imposed on default judgments.

If you have outstanding parking tickets or vehicle sticker violation tickets, you can clear up those violations and avoid the expense and inconvenience that will be experienced by those who have their vehicles booted and/or towed. Owners who do not clear up outstanding citations are liable for the full amount of fines and penalties, and could find their vehicles booted or towed, or have their Driver’s License suspended.

If you think that you may have outstanding, unpaid parking or vehicle sticker violation tickets, you can verify any tickets outstanding and the amounts owed by:
  • Coming in to the Village of Carpentersville Finance Department (8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday)
  • Calling the Village of Carpentersville Finance Department at 847-426-3439


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