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Wastewater Facilities Division

Wastewater FacilityThe Wastewater Facilities Division of Public Works is dedicated to safeguarding the environment and public health by maintaining the highest level of treatment at the lowest attainable cost for the residents of Carpentersville. It is our goal to continually improve by applying new technology and providing professional and courteous customer service to our residents.

In addition to wastewater treatment, other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Sample collection and analysis.
  • Maintenance of building and equipment within the Main Plant and 12 remote facilities.
  • Industrial discharge monitoring.
  • Bio-solids production and disposal.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility treats an average dry weather flow of 2.25 Million Gallons a Day (MGD). After the waste stream has been treated to meet strict IEPA Discharge standards it is then discharged to the Fox River. The excess solids that are removed during treatment are digested to stabilize their decomposition rate so it may be dewatered and used as fertilizer for crops such as corn, wheat, soybean and sod. The digested sludge must also meet strict IEPA/USEPA standards. Annually we treat 900 Millions gallons of wastewater, and generate approximately 6000 cubic yards of solids.

Discharge to Fox RiverOxidation Ditch
Pic 1. Effluent to Fox River
Pic 2. Oxidation Ditch
Aerobic DigesterReturn sludge
Pic 3. Aerobic Digester
Pic 4. Return Sludge

The division is also responsible for 12 Sanitary Pumping Stations. These are located throughout the village limits. They ensure that wastewater that leaves your homes and businesses reach the treatment facility. Daily pumping volumes range from 15,000 gallons to 1 million gallons a day.

Sludge PumpFreezing Foam
Pic 1. Sludge Press Moyno Pump
Pic 2. Sub Zero Temps Frozen Foam

Don’t Clog Your Sewer Lines!

The Carpentersville Wastewater Division asks that residents dispose of used handy wipes, disposable diapers and any heavy-duty or reinforced paper cleaning products in the trash! Please do not dispose of these items in your sinks, drains or toilets because they can lead to clogs and back ups in your home and in the sewer lines in your neighborhood.

Step ScreenSludge Cake
Pic 1. Step Screen
Pic 2. Sludge Cake



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